Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dominate A Dominant Woman

We often associate dominant women with whips, chains and a pitiful man groveling at their feet while licking a pair of vinyl boots. This certainly occurs with some regularity, but you may be surprised to learn that dominance doesn’t always translate into sadism. On the contrary, many dominant women play the superior role in relationships simply because their man hasn’t learned how to dominate them. She may be strong-willed, feisty and independent, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be ravished like any other female might. If you’re ready to take charge in the bedroom, the following tips will show you precisely how to sexually dominate a dominant woman. Music for Sex vol.1
Take the lead
Dominant women tend to be physically aggressive in the bedroom; these are the chicks who’ll throw you down on the bed and ride you like a champion. While this vision may appeal to most men, allowing this to happen on a regular basis puts you in a subservient role -- and that’ll carry over into other areas of your relationship. If you want to wear the pants, you’re going to have to show her you can. To dominate a dominant woman, the next time she pounces, turn the tables and flip her onto her back. Keep her firmly (but not painfully) pinned to the bed and let her writhe for a bit. As she struggles to regain the upper hand, calmly let her know you’re going to be in charge for the rest of the evening. Her panties will be soaked by the time you finish the sentence. Just be prepared to deliver the goods, as you’re bound to have one horny woman on your hands.
Maintain eye contact
Proper eye contact is extremely important when it comes to asserting dominance. A truly dominant man or woman can influence a less dominant person with the subtlest of glances. When two dominant people are vying for the role of leader, however, subtlety is no longer an option. Your vixen will try to dominate you by staring straight into your eyes and giving you a wicked grin that promises sexual submission on her terms. Most men, when faced with a woman like this, turn to jelly and happily let her do whatever she pleases. To dominate a dominant woman, however, it’s crucial you don’t fall for this move. Lower your eyelids slightly and stare back while returning that wicked little grin; this tells her she’s going to have to do much better than that if she wants to play Dom. It also tells her you’re capable of the same tricks, which will make her wonder what else you’ve got up your sleeve. While these thoughts are going through her mind, she’s likely to break eye contact and look away -- this is a good indication she’s open to being dominated.
Make her beg
Begging is the ultimate sign of submission, and it can be an incredibly sexy experience for both individuals. When trying to dominate a dominant woman, the idea is to show her how much she really wants you to dominate her, in spite of all those verbal denials she keeps making. The easiest way to accomplish this is via oral sex. Turn her on as you would any other woman, spending lots of quality time on her clitoris. When she reaches the point of moaning and thrashing, back off a bit. That’s right; slow down. Let your tongue explore another area for a few seconds, nibble her inner thigh, etc. Keep lavishing attention on her body, but avoid the clitoris at all costs. The mix of sexual frustration and sexual stimulation will make her want you a thousand percent more than she did when she thought orgasm was imminent. A dominant woman will likely demand you direct your attention back to her clitoris, which, you will of course do -- just as soon as she begs for it. You’ll probably have to insist more than once, but when she finally gives in, her orgasm is bound to be explosive.
Tell her what you’re going to do
Telling a dominant woman precisely how you’re going to dominate her is a guaranteed challenge. And dominant women are all about a challenge; it’s an invitation for her to try her best moves on you, and an opportunity for you to show her who’s really in charge. If you want a head start with dominating a dominant woman, use this tip over dinner or in the car on the way back to your place. She’ll be intrigued by your confidence and aroused by your promises. Once you’re in bed, tell her you’re going to take her from behind and make her scream your name all night long. Tell her you’re going to go down on her until she begs for orgasm. Tell her you’re going to dominate her and that she’s going to love every minute of it -- and then show her you’re a man of your word.
Guide her hands
Dominant women do what they want, when they want. She’s fully accustomed to grabbing a man and pulling him in for a long, deep kiss before she takes over completely. When dealing with women like this, it’s important you’re clear from the start regarding who is leading whom. This means even the kissing is done on your terms. If she slides her fingers through your hair and draws you near, dominate a dominant woman by taking hold of her hands and sliding them around your neck instead. This move tells her you’re happy to have her hands on you, but that she will not be using them to assert dominance. If she’s pawing at your body like she owns it, intercept her hands and guide her palms across her own body. The thrill of having control taken away, combined with a sexy mutual exploration of her own curves, will have her purring in no time.
turning the tables
While it’s true that some dominant women only enjoy sex when a man is groveling, there are plenty of dominant women out there who prefer what dominant men have to offer in the bedroom. These women like a good challenge, as long they’re respected in the process. Don’t let the feisty chicks intimidate you, and don’t assume they aren’t worth the effort; dominating a dominant woman can take sex to a whole new dimension. Score one of these vamps in the bedroom, and you stand to score the best sex of your life.